How BOOMERANG+™ Tracking Can Benefit Your Organization

BOOMERANG+™ technology was developed for the needs of organ and blood banks where high value cargo has a very short shelf life. The BOOMERANG+™ allows clients to monitor the chain of custody, location, and condition of their shipments – in amazing detail and accuracy! This compact feature rich tracking technology can be customized to meet any monitoring or tracking need.

Features & Technology

  • Web Based tracking portal offers remote access monitoring from smart phone, tablet or PC…keep an eye on your precious cargo at all times
  • The BOOMERANG+™ tracks simultaneously through GPS & Cellular networks to ensure pin-point location accuracy at all times
  • FAA Certified, will not interfere with airplane electronics

The BOOMERANG+™ sends Custom Alerts & Condition Reports on Demand.

Geo Fence: a pre-set digital fence surrounds your high value cargo’s area of travel. If the unit leaves the pre-set area, an alert is sent to any designated phone, tablet or PC

  • The BOOMERANG+™ has built in sensors that allow alerts to be sent based on light, temperature, humidity, rotation/tilt and vibration/tampering
  • Equipped with 8 ports on the unit to allow for additional user-specific external sensors
  • Whether you are shipping 30 units of blood, a kidney or heart – make sure your high value cargo gets there when it counts, every time.

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When the package arrives at its destination the BOOMERANG+™ is simply returned to sender by post paid US Mail.