AutoRELEASE™ 3.0

Automation in the delivery of blood products is an emerging market. Current methods for selection of blood products for patient transfusion are labor intensive and subject to human error. AutoRELEASE™ 3.0 can help to improve patient outcomes by providing an electronic system for the tracking and accurate selection of blood in hospital blood banks and in satellite refrigerators used in the OR and ED. In addition, AutoRELEASE™ 3.0 ensures blood products are not wasted due to expiration.

Smart Tray Technology – for new or existing refrigerators

How AutoRELEASE™ 3.0 Can Benefit Your Organization
AutoRELEASE™ 3.0 was developed after years of observation, communication, and collaboration with blood banks and hospitals, large and small.

The AutoRELEASE™ 3.0 system is designed to be compatible with all current policies and procedures and installs seamlessly into your existing blood storage units. AutoRELEASE™ 3.0 helps reduce operating expense and risk without increasing capital expenditures.

Benefits of AutoRELEASE™ 3.0

  • Ensures blood is labeled correctly
  • Crucial electronic bedside validation
  • Positive ID without scanning units
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Saves money by preventing inventory waste
  • Uses RFID chip technology instead of external bar codes

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AutoRELEASE™ 3.0 is a flexible inventory management system for blood refrigerators which includes visual and audio indicators to greatly reduce human error.