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How Things Are Done Now

  1. When a patient needs blood fast, a nurse will run to a blood storage refrigerator to find the right match based on the patient’s record.
  2. The nurse will use the Patient ID to identify the proper blood type. Sometimes he or she will need to call the blood bank directly to identify further information about the blood and if it’s safe to use for the patient.
  3. Once the blood type is identified, the nurse will find, scan, and re-verify the blood bag, then take it back to the OR for use. The blood bags are organized on shelves within the refrigerator.

Current Pitfalls

  • There is sometimes a disconnect between the blood bank and the hospital in providing necessary donor data for patients in need.
  • In addition, scanning and identifying blood bags can be a time-consuming process – in cases when timing is everything.

The AutoRELEASE Solution!

Decrease Cost, Minimize Risk & Improve Patient Outcomes

When a nurse approaches the SmartHUB™ they enter the applicable patient data and immediately the appropriate blood bag is identified via a green light. The blood bag is removed from the tray and no additional steps are needed.

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